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A Recipe for Feta in Filo Pastry & Lamb

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Feta in Filo Pastry & Lamb : A Recipe for Six Persons

- 6 full sheets of filo pastry
- 250 grams of lean leg of lamb & 100 grams feta
- 4 soupspoons of peas
- 2 carrots sliced into cubes
- 2 dessertspoons origano & 2 soupspoons olive oil
- 1 wine glass of white wine
- 1 tea cup of olive oil to brush the pie
- salt & pepper, 6 singed celery strips to bind each pie

The Making
Prepare the lamb:
- cut the lamb into small square pieces
- heat a large casserole with 2 spoons of olive oil & saute
the lamb for 5 minutes
- add the peas, carrots,origano, salt & pepper to taste &
white wine
- allow the casserole to cool & mix in small pieces of
feta cheese
Prepare the pie:
- take each sheet of pastry & fold in the middle
- fill each sheet in the centre with 4 soupspoons of the
lamb mixture
- pull the 4 corners together to create a basket & tie
with a celery strip
- place the pastry baskets in a baking tin, brush well with
olive oil & bake at 170 degrees for 30-40 minutes, or until
they are golden brown

Feta Cheese, Filo Pastry & Lamb


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